Jam By The Sea

September 25 - 28, Batumi

Contact Improvisation Jam in Batumi

We are happy to dance with old and new friends!

Most of the people will be coming after Silent Contact Festival, which takes place in Gomarduli Dao Space - but the door is open for everyone!

Come dance with us!
All simple
We're gonna swim, eat and dance!
Life is good

  • Contact Jam
    Every evening
    Every evening - Contact jam.
    Different scores, different types of music, video project, and of course - tea and snacks!

  • Contact Lab
    Every day
    Every day - contact laboratory.
    Experienced dancers and teachers suggest a topic for a group to explore.

  • Contact Life
    Always and forever
    Slow breakfasts, yoga in the park, swimming in the night sea under the stars, small talks, deep connections, love and light
Important information about surviving in Batumi
  • Where to eat?

    There are plenty of options!
    Our recommendations:

    Veranda Acropoli - Mediterranean/Georgian restaurant
    Erti Kava - coffee and breakfasts
    Garage Wines - best wine and cheese, good food
    Pirosmani - Georgian Restaraunt
    Blue Elephant - posh thing)
    Ukraine - old good times
    Mascot - nice cocktail bar with disco music
  • Where to live?

    Batumi is full of options -
    from cheap hostels to Sheraton and Radisson.

    We recommend to rent nice Airbnbs, maybe together with others, which might be more fun.

    The list of our recommendations is long and will be shared privately for those registered

    We recommend to live closer to old center (Alphabet Tower)
Jam Schedule
September 25 - 28
Every day
13:00 - 16:00 - Contact Laboratory
19:00 - 22:00 - Contact Jam
Price includes access to all jams and labs,
water and snacks

  • 4 days - 120 €

    1 day - 40

We dance together!

international format
Experience in Contact
Are you going to confirm your registration with prepayment within 3 days?
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