Open Call for CI teachers
Open Call
Contact Improvisation

We invite you to be part of a unique Contact Improvisation festival, where a week-long jam flows seamlessly into various structures and laboratories. Our event is a field for mutual growth and development of dance practice, where we meet, share experiences, play, observe, and explore.

We aim to create a space where everyone—beginners and seasoned dancers alike—can feel comfortable and free, finding support and inspiration in the shared dance. Your ideas, attention, and dance skills are crucial for maintaining the dynamic of the jams and creating an environment conducive to deep learning and development.

If you are a long-time dancer, passionate about CI, with experience in teaching and facilitating group processes, and if you're excited to propose research topics, support dance structures, and help participants navigate challenges, we would love to have you on our team.

We offer free participation in the festival, including accommodation and meals. Additionally, we invite you to arrive 5 days early to spend time with us, dance, align, and exchange ideas. We will cover you for these 5 days—your only task is to get to Georgia.

Join us to practice together, make discoveries, develop bodily sensitivity, learn from each other, and dance without words. Let’s create an inspiring and supportive environment for all participants!

  • Who are you
    • 5 + years of dancing CI
    • 2+ years of teaching CI
    • Ongoing teaching practice where you live - or dancing around the world, at least 2-3 festivals a year
    • Desire to bring and contribute your ideas to develop the new format of teaching and learning CI
  • What we ask
    • Coming to a teachers meeting, from 7 to 3 days before the Silent Jam
    • Contribution to development of the silent approach in teaching CI
    • Holding jams and immersive laboratories with us during the festival
    • Spreading the information among your CI students and network
  • What we offer
    • Participation in the research team developing the new approach to CI
    • Free participation in the festival
    • Free accommodation, food and transfer in Georgia
    • Free accommodation and food during the teachers meeting
    • Photo, video and text materials from the event
What is immersive Lab?

We are 4 teachers and we are about to invite 11 more.

We will suggest 8 ideas for the immersive laboratories and 4 for the jams.

We will discuss them in a secret group chat. Anyone in a chat will bring their ideas according to the lab topic. All together we'll find a way to create a structure for each lab, aiming to balance contradictions and to leave enough space for improvisation.

There must be 1 person documenting each lab.

We'll meet a week before the event for the teachers lab to practice the material we develop in theory.

And during the festival those labs will become immersive - so 15 of us include the rest 90 in the research, staying open to changes and letting things flow.

Examples of lab topics: gravity, touch, unknowing, sense awareness ..
  • Grusha Tsiolkovskogo
  • Lena Gubkova
  • Daria Lukina
  • Yu Gen
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Enjoy the Silence!

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